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Brazil's geopodosphere

Updated: Feb 15, 2023


Those who follow me already know my passion for podcasts, a passion that comes from the beginning of my first degree. However, it was only in 2020 that they actually joined a podcast with people who have interests very similar to mine, which I now consider them great friends (TecnoloGEO). It was then, in that same year, that I had the idea of ​​researching and gathering all Brazilian geotechnologies podcasts, and then I created a group, so that we could exchange information and strengthen our projects, without any competition, because we know that we need each other.

So a new source emerged, I joined three more friends, and we created a podcast that aims to address the main challenges, pains and solutions of the technology market, focusing on geotechnologies, GIS, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, deep learning, remote sensing, drones, LiDAR, Big Data and everything else in this universe, creating a link between data science and geotechnologies,

This podcast is called Spatial Hackers and is composed by Diogo, Leandro, Vitor and myself. Those who have different experience in the areas of geotechnologies and who, even not coming from Geography or Cartography, fell in love with the area and today work with it or want to work with it.

Then there was a feedback from a listener when I was promoting our first episode. A guy in the Geocast group asked me to create a list explaining the Brazilian Geo podosphere scenario, so here's the list (I make it clear in advance that the order of the podcasts listed doesn't mean anything).

TecnoloGEO has been mentioned several times here, this one formed by Murilo, Narcelio, Sadeck, Tiago, Marina and myself. We talk about the world of geotechnologies extravertedly intertwining pop culture with this subject that the entire bench is passionate about.

Created by Gustavo Baptista, PHD, which I've talked about here a few times, the podcast O Fascinante Mundo do Sensoriamento Remoto, is a journey into the world of the professor's passions, where he conveys this subject in a dynamic way and with an enviable commitment. . The same, also invited me with the staff of TecnoloGEO, check this link.

SIG & Cerveja, in fact, is a Videocast, created by Vitor and Caio, with an open-ended and open-ended conversation, demonstrating exactly the after-work of professionals working in the field of geotechnologies, who when passionate about what they do, even when they're having a beer, they can't stop talking about their passions.

The Mapiar podcast, which was created by Talita and Wedja, these always receive another guest and dialogue on topics related to the world of geotechnologies, with a very relaxed approach, talks about extremely important topics ranging from deforestation in the Amazon, Public management, Registration Multipurpose Territorial and Smart Cities.

Podcast created by Alex and Dionatas, the podcast Um papo sobre Geotechnologias, addresses topics related to the areas of geotechnologies, which always invite an expert on the subject to debate and talk in a very relaxed way. I believe they haven't released it yet, but on the day I wrote this article I had just recorded a very cool chat with them about data science.

Meninas do Geo is not just a podcast, but a research group formed by women from Agronomy courses that aim to strengthen knowledge in geotechnologies, talking about the importance of soil preparation, programming languages ​​and other very interesting topics.

The great professor, geologist and video maker Tiago Duque, created a podcast that, like Professor Gustavo's, talks about his passions, called TDCast. In this, the professor talks about many things from the world of geotechnologies and geoinformation. However, in the year 2020 it was a little still, but it has now returned in 2021 full force in the production of its contents, even talking about drones made of pineapple.

Ambiental Pro Podcast by the great Henrique Gonzales or the famous Henrique da Ambiental Pro is one of the most listened to Geo podcasts in recent times, with topics aimed at the job market and with guests and discussing very interesting subjects.

So my companions, did you like the list? I have with me that these are just the initials and that the Geopodosphere will grow a lot these years, where we will increasingly promote this wonderful world that we are passionate about. If you know of any that were not mentioned here, please contact me so I can add them to our group.

Don't forget to share this list if you liked it and until the next article. :)


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